Now The Most Accomplished Generation Can Connect with New Opportunities for Exceptional Talent.

Gray Matter Connection was founded to bring together the most accomplished generation --The Baby Boomers-- into a new generation of opportunity. By connecting seasoned executives and experienced leaders with entrepreneurs, growing businesses, dynamic corporations, and expanding organizations; Gray Matter Connection seeks to facilitate recruiting and hiring, increase employee engagement, and improve retention on the job. Any entity can streamline their hiring practices by using our proprietary connection process to identify the ideal executive match for your company, Board or business project.


Key Benefits of Mature Professionals:

  • EXPERIENCE - So called “overqualified” executives --specialists and experts-- bring decades of skill and experience that can benefit forward-thinking companies and a highly reactive customer-focused marketplace.
  • WISDOM - Thought leaders hone their perspective through decades of hard work and accomplishment; sage advice or a rhetorical question are critical in a creative and innovatively competitive world.
  • INFLUENCE - Hiring mature professionals enables your company to tap into a rich database of trusted community and industry relationships; thereby expanding your business’ reputation and contributing to the bottom line.
  • WORK ETHIC - Mature workers bring a diversity of ethos, culture and backgrounds to work that provide a critically reflective view in today’s multinational & multigenerational workforce. Character, passion, and motivation cannot be underestimated at this stage in life.
  • CONTRIBUTION - The best change-agents have been there and done that! Mature workers can expedite the process, avoid costly mistakes, and leverage their problem-solving skills to bring substantive value to any strategic business venture.

A Marketplace for Accomplished Professionals